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Weather & Code Fun

Submitted by admin on

In the interests of transparency and communicating better, we are working on several avenues of communication. This is one. I will be trying to get an update posted every monday to give you a rough idea of where things stand each week As busy as we often are, it remains to be seen as to how diligently we follow up.  Ask me again in a few months.

Another Crash restored

Submitted by mwharton on

The wiki has been restored to the 8-9-2013 version we had backed up. There are some articles that are still being worked on, but the Auditor Information article is back up and available for your help. At this time we are going to start adding new users as well. As stated before the crash Email us at support with your desired Username and Email address that you want to be used.

Yet another crash

Submitted by esatori on

I don't know what it is with wiki's, but the power outage last Friday took out the virtual machine that houses the wiki.  We have restored the VM from a backup as of 8-9-2013.  Yes, we had a backup this time :), just not a really current one.  There are a few articles that are missing and a few logins that are no longer present.  We are working on the crashed VM to try and get the data off of it and put on here so for now, we are not going to add any articles (aside from this one) or setup any new users.  We should have the data from the crashed VM this weekend and

Welcome to the TrustWin Documentation Project

Welcome to the Documentation Project for the TrustWin System. This is the long term home of all of the living documentation for the TrustWin System. It is the replacement for the old documentation. At this point, it is a living document that is growing from the old system.

We have two ways of tracking issues:

Customer Support issues are handled primarily via email to Issues that go there are assigned CRM Ticket numbers and will be addressed by the Customer Support team. If the Customer Support team determines that issue is an issue with code and requires a change, the ticket will be moved to the  Redmine Project Management software and issued a new Task #.